Need help climbing the corporate ladder?

Meet Peter Krause, the resume writer with 10 years of experience and the ability to make anyone a standout.

Peter Krause is a certified resume writer (Professional Association of Resume Writers) who has been writing resumes and cover letters since 2001.

The majority of Peter's clients are managerial workers. Over the years, his clients have included vice presidents, directors, group managers, project managers, product/brand managers, as well as consultants making the switch to the corporate world.

Peter is also the preferred choice for job-seekers who need to overcome hiring bias (anyone over 50), as well as those with work-history issues (gaps in employment, too much experience, too little experience, the wrong kind of experience, laid-off, let-go, etc).

He holds a journalism degree from the University of Washington (B.A., 1993) and also writes marketing and public relations materials for corporate clients through his other business, Krause Communications.

Crown Resume (a standalone service of Krause Communications) was established in the economic downturn of 2008 to better manage the spike in resume requests, and to provide job-seekers with the facts, guidance and tips they need to get their resumes in front of hiring managers.

Peter's results-focused writing style and marketing background is uniquely suited to resumes and cover letters. He's extremely knowledgeable about the hiring strategies and technologies in play today. And the words clients most often use to describe his work are "thorough," "original" and "effective."

Better still, Peter's step-by-step work process offers a clear, cost-effective approach that involves the client from beginning to end and produces tailor-made results every time.

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Learn how long it will take Peter to rewrite your resume (or cover letter), the steps he'll take to make sure it's what you want, your role in the project, how much it should cost and more. See Peter's process.