My Resume Writing Process

Have Your Resume Evaluated

Most resumes are boring work summaries. But every once in a while, a hiring manager will get one that's a real standout. It's confident, accomplishment-based, well-written, easy-to-follow and focused on just the attributes he's looking for in a candidate.

Does your current resume fall into the latter category? If not, learn how you can transform it with a Crown Resume resume evaluation.

Every resume evaluation includes the following:

  • A complete evaluation (with detailed recommendations) of: the overall focus and format; every category; the job descriptions; any accomplishments; the use of keywords; punctuation, grammar and style; the employment-history information included; plus much more.
  • Specific recommendations for dealing with red-flag issues — job bias (over age 50), gaps in employment, too much/little experience, not the right experience, etc.
  • Tricks and tips regarding those all-important keywords (the words employers will be scanning your resume for with their applicant-tracking-system software programs).
  • Step-by-step instructions (with examples) for developing those all-important accomplishment statements — which will also play a key role in any future interviews.
  • A recommended resume format, layout and design.
  • A bid for how much it would cost Peter to rewrite your resume.
  • A follow-up phone call with the reviewer (Peter) to discuss these recommendations.

For some clients, this review is all they need to rewrite their resume themselves. For others, it's the beginning of a working relationship with Crown Resume.

The cost for a complete review is $150.

To get the review process started, email Peter with an updated copy of your resume (if it hasn't been updated since your most recent job, include at least a brief summary of that position: job title, dates of employment, summary of major responsibilities).

Title your email "Resume review request" and send it to:

Peter will personally reply to your request with the required next steps — which typically includes a request for the following additional information:

  • A copy of your current cover letter (which can often provide additional insights and information).
  • Three sample job listings (actual listings for the kind of job you’re interested in pursuing). Peter will use these to determine whether your current resume is targeted, whether or not it's keyword-focused, and to better rank your qualifications.
  • Your answers to five simple background questions.


A note about confidentiality:

Your resume — and your desire to have it reviewed — will be kept strictly confidential. Nothing about you or your potential job search will be shared with any other person or entity.