Other Resume Writers

Peter doesn't recommend using any of the large resume services. The reason they're so cheap is because those companies outsource the writing of your resume and cover letter to an ever-changing crop of low-paid writers (typically people who are new to the industry and don't have the experience and skills necessary to establish their own business). You would be far better off buying a few how-to books and trying to write your resume yourself. What follows is a list of independent resume writers with years of experience and an established business.

NOTE: None of these writers are Seattle-based. But don't let that throw you — everything is done via phone and email today.

The Right Solution

Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Dawn Bungni is very experienced, affordable, and one of the few certified as a master resume writer. Visit her website.

Pathfinder Resume and Career Services

Dawn Rasmussen, located in Portland, Oregon, is not only an experienced resume writer, but also a regular lecturer and workshop leader. Visit her website.

Jan Melnik

Jan is another certified master resume writer. Based in Durham, Connecticut, she has more than 30 years of resume-writing experience. Visit her website.


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