Moving to a New City

Sperling's Best Places

The most comprehensive — and easiest to use — source of online information about any American city. Includes well-organized details regarding crime, climate, cost-of-living, transportation, schools, property values, the median age of residents and much more. Visit the site.

City Profile Report

This site enables users to analyze the key attributes of two American cities then view the findings in a side-by-side comparison report. Visit the site.

Cost-of-living Calculator

Anyone considering a move to another city can use this tool to quickly calculate the difference in cost-of-living expenses — everything from the cost of housing to utilities, groceries to healthcare. Visit the site.

Occupational Outlook (by state)

Every state in the U.S. tracks and analyzes the details regarding employment in its cities. This site — from the U.S. Department of Labor — provides easy access to those state resources. Visit the site.


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