Networking Resources

15-second Pitch

This New York-based career coach specializes in the art of the "15-second elevator pitch" (quickly and effectively introducing yourself to a perfect stranger in a business setting). Job-seekers living in the New York area may want to attend one of her inexpensive workshops. But everyone should spend a few minutes with the site's free "Pitch Wizard." Visit the site.

Business-card Resume

When you're networking, a business-card resume is a must. Many printers offer them in a traditional business-card format, but those are too small to communicate anything of meaning. A "folded" business card format doubles the amount of space and allows you to summarize more of your resume highlights. Almost any printer can provide the service, but it's tough to beat the prices, print quality and service at Print Place. Visit the site to see samples and pricing.


When it comes to networking, there's nothing more powerful than face-to-face meetings. is one of the simplest ways to get together with others in your area (including other job-seekers). Visit the site.

Networking Web Sites

There are countless career networking sites on the Internet today, with more being added all the time. This list from Wikipedia does the best job of compiling those that are the most-used. Visit the site.

Weddle's Association Directory

Local association chapters are great resources for networking, and many also operate job boards, resume banks and other helpful employment services. This site profiles more than 1,500 such associations and societies. Visit the site.

Zoom Info

Want to network with old friends and co-workers? This site will help you locate those people. Visit the site.


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