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Resources for Creating an Online Resume

Employers today want candidates with technology skills (espeically in the case of older workers). Show them you're technically savvy by creating a multimedia online resume — complete with links to videos, work samples, references from past employers and more. Sound difficult or expensive? Actually, it's neither when you use the free services of VisualCV (a site the Wall St. Journal said was "far and away the best" of the leading online-resume services it reviewed). Visit the site.

Resources for Creating a Business-card Resume

When you're networking, a business-card resume is a must. Many printers offer them in a traditional business-card format, but those are too small to communicate anything of meaning. A "folded" business card format doubles the amount of space and allows you to summarize more of your resume highlights. Almost any printer can provide the service, but it's tough to beat the prices, print quality and service at Print Place. Visit the site to see samples and pricing.

Resources for Older Workers

The search for a meaningful, well-paying job is even tougher for those over 50. This site offers smart career advice and ample job listings targeted exclusively to the over-50 set. Visit the site.

Resources for Former Stay-at-home Moms

Stay-at-home moms who don't want to stay at home any longer can use this site to access "career-relaunch" forums, blogs, group sessions, webinars, books and more. Visit the site.

Childcare Resources

For many job-seekers, childcare is an issue that has to be addressed in their search for work. This site offers information about finding quality childcare options, contact information for childcare resources, even an online worksheet that will help determine whether it's worth it or not for a stay-at-home parent to return to work. Visit the site.


Want a bigger (or better) online presence? Vizibility will help you manage what hiring managers see when they search for information about you online. Visit the site.

Riley Guide

There are many compilers of online information for job-seekers, but the Riley Guide is the one that gets the most use. Visit the site.

CEO Express

This site — which calls itself a gateway to the Internet — was developed in 1999 to help busy executives quickly locate the best online information resources. While that remains its focus today, job-seekers will find it extremely useful, as well. Sister sites include: WiredCEO, JournalistExpress, MDExpress, LawyerExpress and logisticsExpress. Visit the site.

The Job Hunter's Bible

Dick Bolles is the author of the job-hunter's classic, "What Color is Your Parachute." He's also the keeper of this Web site, which features links to just about every job-search resource you could ever imagine. Visit the site.

The Statistical Abstract

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes the Statistical Abstract, an annual report that documents facts and figures about a mind-numbing variety of things related to work and employment. Visit the site.

The Dollar Stretcher

If you're out of work and looking for a new job, you should be doing whatever you can to conserve cash. offers lots of resources and suggestions. Visit the site.


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