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Twitter Job Search

This real-time job board is the new way to learn about job openings — as soon as they come available. Just type "job" and your target city, and whatever position you're hunting for, all separated with the word "and" (e.g. "job and Chief Executive Officer and New York"). Use the "Advanced" link to refine your search even more. Don't laugh; it may actually turn up a promising lead. Visit the site.


Indeed is an aggregator, which means the site gathers job listings from thousands of company career sites and job boards (to save you the time of searching them individually). Of course, you'll have the best luck doing your own search — using job boards that are geared specifically to your industry. Visit the site.

Riley Guide

The Riley Guide features 50 pages (yes, 50 pages)of job boards. Here, you'll find boards with job openings targeted to executives, women, people of different races, every occupation you could imagine, plus more. Visit the site.

Dick Bolles' Recommended Job Boards

Dick Bolles is the author of the job-hunter's classic, "What Color is Your Parachute." He's also the keeper of this Web site, which features an extensive list of all the different job boards. Visit the site.


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