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The Job-hunter's Grammar Guide

When screening resumes and cover letters, heartless HR staffers are simply looking for reasons to cast candidates aside and narrow the choices for the hiring manager. One of the first things they look for: writing mistakes. It's silly, really, but HR departments and hiring managers have come to believe that spelling, style and grammar goofs are a sure sign of a poor employee, someone destined to continue making mistakes.

"The Job-hunter's Grammar Guide" shows exactly how to address more than 75 of the most common resume and cover letter grammar/style issues.

The guide explains what words should be capitalized; when to use number words ("fifteen") and real numbers ("15"); the difference between "e.g." and "i.e."; when to use "a" or "an"; the proper way to list academic degrees, plus much, much more.

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Number of pages: 21

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