My Cover Letter Writing Process

the process Peter uses to write cover letters is unique to the industry, offers a clear, cost-effective approach that involves the client from beginning to end, and produces tailor-made results every time.

Make sure you have enough time

Underestimating the time required is the biggest mistake most clients make. Plan on it taking a week to 10 days (less than that if Peter's also writing your resume).

Peter typically needs two days to evaluate a cover letter and provide suggestions for improvement. He'll need another three days to rewrite it. Plus, he has to work you into his writing schedule (the number of projects in the pipeline fluctuates day-to-day).

Most clients need an additional two to three days to gather the necessary background information, answer questions, review recommendations and make strategic decisions.

And finally, there's the time required for you to review your new cover letter, and for Peter to incorporate any edits or changes you may request.

NOTE: Most of the information gathered for rewriting a resume can be used for rewriting a cover letter, too — which means a cover letter won't take as long to produce for clients who hire Peter to write both documents.

Get comfortable with Peter and his pricing

The cost for Peter to rewrite a cover letter varies, depending on the timeline (rush projects are always more), the amount of work involved and the level of organization the client brings to the project.

Typically, the cost will range between $150 and $250.

Have your cover letter reviewed and evaluated

Every cover letter writing project at Crown Resume begins with a comprehensive review and critique of your current cover letter. This serves four purposes:

  1. Provides you with a detailed, professional evaluation of your current cover letter.
  2. Arms you with all-new approaches — and specific solutions for trouble areas.
  3. Allows Peter to estimate the amount of work a rewrite would require (and provide a bid).
  4. Gives you both a list of specifics to discuss before Peter starts writing.

For some clients, this review is all they need to rewrite their cover letter themselves. For others, it's the beginning of a working relationship with Crown Resume.

The cost for a comprehensive review is $85.

Discuss the recommendations

Peter's review of your cover letter will include a section-by-section critique, specific recommendations for improvement, examples and step-by-step instructions, a recommended format and design, plus more.

After reviewing all that information, you'll have a chance to discuss the insights and recommendations with Peter by phone (ask questions, raise concerns, state preferences, etc.).

Sign the contract and submit payment

The cost for rewriting your cover letter, as recommended, will be included in your cover letter review. To move forward, all that's required is a signed contract and a deposit for 50 percent of the total cost.

Exchange all the necessary background information

In order for Peter to write a winning cover letter, you'll need to provide some truly compelling background information (including details about high-level accomplishments you'd like to highlight). Peter will provide you with samples, guidance and a list of specific questions. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Review Peter's writing and make any edits

With all the necessary background information in hand, it typically takes about four days for Peter to complete the first draft.

Edits and changes to that first draft are a normal part of the creative process. So long as the edits are minor and the changes are in-line with what was decided above, Peter will incorporate them free-of-charge.


Get Started:
See how your cover letter stacks up — and what improvements Peter recommends. Get a review and critique of your current cover letter.